Amy Takes Akron

"What is a Taste of Akron" found in today’s Akron Beacon Journal - a great article listing 21 of the top Akrowdy foods/restaurants sure to make your mouth water. 

Summing it up, Lisa Abrahams writes “A taste of Akron is so much more.  It is rooted deeply in our past, our people, and the foods and flavors that contribute to the fabric of our community.”  To me, that quote in and of itself exemplifies Akron and its rich history, speaking to the city’s sense of community and ‘roots’, rather than just a hodgepodge of meaningless “tastes”.   And as this list shows, Akron’s tastes are definitively historic, as well as delicious! 

Looking forward to eating some Graf’s corn tonight! Anybody want to bring me some Stricklands for dessert?? :)